Hello. I am Krista. I'm sort of nice except I'm not. Jim Moriarty is my darling and mormor is going to be the death of me. Other than Sherlock, you can find some Hannibal, Shameless, Orphan black, Misfits and other shenaningans. I also obsess over Wes Anderson movies. This blog is occasionally NSFW.

Currently watching: Hannibal S2, Orphan Black S2 and My mad fat diary S2


Here you go Emma, for you. 

These are the mormorbrook horses I attempted to make. I am not sorry. Severin is there too but he’s the owner and he sucks. Sebastian is a little bitch. Richard and Jim are cuties. Also note the themed blanket things they have under their saddle, I worked really hard on that. 

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